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Durch mein Studium in den USA und meine Tätigkeit bei Y&R in der Madison Avenue in New York, aber auch durch meine jahrzehntelange, internationale Beratung eigener Kunden sowie meine Lehrtätigkeit an einer Business School, haben sich einfach Sprachkenntnisse ergeben, die genutzt werden wollten. Außerdem ist es Gehirn-Jogging!    

The Perfect Momentum

Three things are extremely important for life: The two sports tennis and golf, as well as artistic activities, such as writing, painting and playing music.

Why is that? Simply because it is very important for the body and soul, not only to do what makes a fun, but also to experience the perfect momen- tum. What are we to understand by the perfect momentum?

Well, we can not extend our lives, but we can the individual moments of happiness return and reproduce more often. Not as spectators, but as doers. By the way: The author has taken the path he describes for many decades himself and he still does it! 

Coolness Courage Curiosity

Coolness, Courage, Curiosity - these are the friendly and powerful features you need in today's reality and the Internet. How to get more of them? The answer you will find as a highly motivated and cool mind in the 3 C-Status Update!

It is one of the very few books of the new knowledge for anyone who wants to understand more of the global world and their own personal world. It really adresses the big issues of life such as health, friends, love, sex, success, sports, politics, economy, money, wealth, fate, faith and death.

The author is an experienced science journalist, who has developed with "Thesis 21" and "Info-Gaps" a completely new approach exclusively for this guide book. On this proven scientific basis then the Master Plan is created that deliberately contains not more than three steps: Mental and physical agility for body & soul, and how to get trusting friedship and financial independence. Of course justified and explained with a lot background knowledge and extraordinary substance.